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Sofa SuppaStore is one of many webshop themes driven by WordPress but probably the only one that includes Stock Inventory and Orders Tracking. Not like

many other similar solutions, SuppaStore still provides site owner (Admin) with that good old simplicity of WordPress content management.
It is extremely easy-to-understand and work-with. No need to mess up with tons of different custom templates or install additional plugins. Everything is

automatically installed for you at theme activation, including Newsletter plugin that only requires one mouse click (in case you like to use it, of

Sofa SuppaStore is equipped with powerful theme Options panel which gives you control over the layout, content appearance and all of the vital points of

your webshop. On top of that, many built-in Widgets and a lot of widget-ready sections make this theme extremely flexible. Everything is in the reach of

your hand, everything makes sense.
It doesn’t matter whether you are about to run a Blog, Webshop or both in the same time because Sofa SuppaStore is ready to obey all of your commands.


Wanna read manuals before purchase? Check it out here!

Sofa SuppaStore demo Check it out here!

Demo site vouchers (10%, 15% and 25%):


This theme hasn’t been tested with right-to-left text orientation and thus you should take the risk!


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