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Faces of domestic animals grouped around the two bones creating a plus sign of hospital. It contains the faces of dog, rabbit, cat, sparrow and fish. This creative figure is representing group, pet care, hospitality, community, habitat, feed, love and it’s is perfect option for veterinary centers, pet food, dog shops, animal habitats, pet training, pet care services and products etc.

Logo shapes are pure vector with perfect lines and cu rves. Horizontal and vertical version with Color, Reverse and Black & White options are included. which are perfect for screen, digital or large format printing, websites, apps and also suitable for machine routine, cutting, engraving, etching, embossing and embroidery etc.

The font used in the logo is “Anime Ace” and it’s free. you can download from below link http://www.dafont.com/anim-ace.font

please install the font first before opening the source file to avoid font mis-match warning dialog box.

If you need any updation in logo or any other graphic design service please feel free to contact us at support@vecras.com

Vector EPS
Veterinary Clinic Stock Logo Template

Nguồn: graphicriver.net/item/veterinary-clinic-stock-logo-template-/9322394?WT.oss_phrase=&WT.oss_rank=437&...

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