Mẫu đồ họa photoshop: Fashion Vintage Photoshop Actions

Fashion Vintage Photoshop Actions

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What you need to know:

Double click on the action file and it will be installed in your Photoshop… Open the action window… (Window>Actions)

Open your picture and click on the action! Easy as that!

Although this action can be used in all types of photos, it gives best results in clean portraits. It is also non-destructive so it does not harm the original photo in any way.

Keep in mind that Pictures are very delicate things.sometimes it may not come out so well as on other photos, this is because of the difference in picture quality, lighting, tone and so on.

Have a good time and please rate and maybe even tell your friends about this. Thanks again!

If you have any problem using the action, feel free to ask :)

Best Regards, IngeniousArtist

P.S. check out some of my other cool effects in my portfolio :) http://graphicriver.net/user/IngeniousArtist/portfolio

Photo Credit – Daniel Zedda (http://www.flickr.com/photos/astragony/)

Nguồn: graphicriver.net/item/fashion-vintage-photoshop-actions/7938504?WT.oss_phrase=&WT.oss_rank=1795&WT.z...

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